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Awards and recognition

Norte Joven

Recognition for our social and educational work

We are especially grateful to the students, who, thanks to their achievements, are what make us feel satisfied with the work we have done.

The progress we have made, in the challenge we have set for ourselves to create second chances for youth, has earned the Association the following awards and recognition. 

Recognition and distinctions


Accésit con el proyecto “Generando Futuro” en II Premios a la Mejor Iniciativas Social en el ámbito energético de Fundación Naturgy.

Premio “Conoce mi proyecto” en la categoría de «Empleo» de Deloitte.

Finalistas en los VII Premios Estatales de Aprendizaje y Servicio.


Finalista en XI Premios Corresponsables con el proyecto “Generando Futuro. Apoyo socioeducativo en Formación Dual”.

Finalistas con el proyecto “Conectados con el empleo” en I Premios a la Mejor Iniciativa Social en el ámbito energético de Fundación Naturgy.


Honourable Mention for the “Creating a Future” project in the 2nd edition of the Awards for the Best Social Initiatives in the energy sector, sponsored by the Naturgy Foundation. 

2019 Premio Colaboradores Línea Directa

9th Edition of the Collaborators Award in the “social value” category, sponsored by Línea Directa Aseguradora, recognising Norte Joven for promoting the socio-occupational integration of young people through training and improving their employability. 


Cross of Merit awarded by the Royal Association of Hidalgos of Spain, in recognition of the “extraordinary merits” of Norte Joven in promoting the personal development and socio-occupational integration of persons in situations of vulnerability. 


Youth of Alcobendas Award in the Youth Social Project category, recognising Norte Joven for promoting the image of young people in the Madrid municipality of Alcobendas.

Forética #Enterprise2020 #pact4youth initiative, selecting the Digital Employment Project for training young people on microcomputing and communication networks. This project was led by Norte Joven in collaboration with the Telefónica Foundation’s #ConectaEmpleo (Connect with Employment) initiative. 

Award for the Best Third Sector Initiative, in the 1st edition of the Multinational Awards for the “marca España” Spanish brand campaign, CSR 2017 in recognition of the merits and work of Norte Joven, which has stood out for its contribution to the development of corporate social responsibility in Spain. 


4th Edition of the Corresponsables Foundation Award, in the Non-Profit Entities and Social Economy category, for the “Bringing Youth and Businesses Together” project.

Honourable Mention for Solidarity in the Accenture Journalism Award. 

INESE. Premio Solidarios del Seguro 2011

Spanish Insurance Professionals (INESE). Insurance Sector Solidarity Award 2011 for the Norte Joven project “Help them build their future” sponsored by QBE.

2011 European Alliance on Skills for Employability Award, 2nd edition, Youth Empowerment through Skills category, sponsored by Microsoft, State Street and the Adecco Group.