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Specialized training

At Norte Joven we are in permanent
contact with the business community

This enables us to adapt our training programmes to the demands and needs of the labour market, by making improvements and innovations in the programmes in order to increase students’ employment opportunities.

But, fundamentally, it enables us to detect areas of training with high employability potential and to design specialised training programmes in vocational skills in that field. 

Creating a Future

“Creating a Future” is an initiative for socially disadvantaged young people to increase their opportunities for the future, improving their employability and promoting access to better quality jobs.

Through the “Creating a Future” project, we offer youth: in a first phase, a comprehensive training programme at the Association; and, in a second phase, the chance to begin a two-year Dual Training in the workplace programme, in order to learn vocational skills in the construction and energy installations sector. 

Norte Joven

What is creating a future

In the first phase of the project, Norte Joven offers a comprehensive training programme for students at its Centre in Fuencarral. This training includes, simultaneously: vocational training in workshops (plumbing, electricity, carpentry), academic instruction to obtain the Secondary Education Completion Certificate and to participate in activities for the development of their basic skills, which are essential for their professional and personal growth.

This initial training phase will be supported by the Endesa Foundation, among others. 

Norte Joven


Norte Joven, in its aim to innovate, incorporates an Apprenticeship-Service into all its personalised comprehensive training programmes. Students put into practice what they have learned at the workshop in a real situation, offering a free service on how to promote energy savings through actions carried out at home and awareness-raising activities offered in the neighbourhood.

In order to improve training quality, we have the support of businesses through corporate volunteering actions and advice about job profiles.

By enabling access to the business world, Norte Joven is creating employment opportunities for students who have completed their programme. They also have the opportunity to continue their training by signing up for the two-year Dual Training in the workplace programme. 

After this initial phase, the second phase gives these young people and students from ‘second-chance’ schools the opportunity to begin a two-year Dual Training in the workplace programme. A training model that combines the opportunity to work in the construction and energy installations sector, which is currently in great demand, with training in classroom-workshops to obtain installer qualifications that, in the medium term, will improve their job prospects and help them find better quality jobs.


The Dual Training programme combines employment and training on an alternating basis, for example: 1 week of training and 3 weeks of on-site work. Thanks to the commitment and involvement of the Avintia Foundation, young people will have the opportunity to work on Avintia Group construction sites as employees of the company Aclimar.

Through training-apprenticeship contracts, the figure of the “Apprentice” is recovered. Young people hired become student apprentices, since while they are trained in level 2 professional certificates (depending on the business’ needs), they put into practice what they have learned by working on site and progressing as professionals.

To implement this initiative, the Norte Joven Cultural Association carries out a “Pre-Apprentice” selection process with students from its own centres and young people from the Region of Madrid from other social entities and ‘second-chance’ schools who are sufficiently prepared to take advantage of the Dual Training programme.

The classroom-workshop training will be provided by the Agremia Technical Training School, on a fully face-to-face basis, through different level 2 Professional Certificates directly related to the energy installations sector, in conjunction with support and monitoring provided by the Norte Joven Association. 

Key figure in the Creating a Future Project

Norte Joven’s “JOB COACH”

To provide support to the selected youth – given the difficulty for them to combine training and work under the on- and off-the-job training system established in the Dual Training programme -, Norte Joven has introduced a pioneering and essential figure to help them with this, namely the “Job Coach”.

The Job Coach’s task is to help increase the student apprentices’ autonomy and adaptation to the job post, as well as to help them throughout the training process. This figure is undoubtedly key to the programme’s success.

In order to support the trainers-tutors at the job site and at the workplace, as well as the teachers at the training centre, the Norte Joven Job Coach offers tips and training to the professionals who are working as trainers-tutors, teaching students about their business. 

Technical Assitant in Microcomputing
and Communication Networks

This training programme is aimed at young people between the ages of 17 and 30 years who are in a difficult situation, have less than an intermediate level of education and/or are unemployed.

The first edition of this course was offered in September 2017, the second in April 2018 and, in March 2019, the third edition was offered of the free course to become a Technical Assistant in Microcomputing and Communication Networks under the #ConectaEmpleo (Connect with Employment) initiative, which finished in September 2019. 

Programme description

The objective of this digital training programme, which is adapted to the specific business’ needs, is to involve youth in the innovation process and develop and improve their digital and social skills, while increasing their knowledge, motivation, interest in ongoing learning and desire to work.

300 hours of digital content

50 hours of cross-disciplinary studies

50 hours of Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) certification

150 hours of tutored internship in companies of the sector.

Training that opens up a world of real employment opportunities for young people.

This initiative is part of Connect with Employment, the digital training and entrepreneurship programme offered by the Telefónica Foundation to train youth who are in difficult situations. 

Connect with Employment is an ambitious employability programme aimed at developing the skills of young people between the ages of 17 and 30 years, to improve their employability and social insertion, especially for those who are at a social disadvantage, in order to improve the youth employment rate.

This collaboration is carried out with the aim of increasing the programme’s effectiveness for the groups targeted by the Connect with Employment project, providing them with training so as to improve their job placement opportunities through their participation in the programme.

After having completed the specific training modules for performing the activities related to the internship, the programme provides them with a real access to the labour market in the digital sector.