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Employment service

Creating Employment Opportunities

At Norte Joven we understand employment not only as a right, but also as a means of integration and socialization. The number of people who stop looking for a job because they believe they will not find one is increasing.

At our centres, the data confirms that students who have not found employment three months after completing their training abandon their job search.

Our principles for supporting youth employment are the following: 

Because providing support and preventing demotivation is fundamental. Our challenge is to improve the employability of these youth and achieve their social and labour integration. Our employment service targets: 

In order to help achieve the Association’s objectives of providing care, prevention, training and labour integration, Norte Joven works in a network together with other social entities with the conviction that sharing difficulties, experiences and achievements not only enriches us but also helps us to grow.

Likewise, and in relation to Social skills, Job Orientation and Training, a training module on social entrepreneurship is taught at the Association’s three classroom-workshops. In addition, students are encouraged to take part in volunteer activities so that they can experience the solidarity of giving and receiving.

Simulated job interviews and internships at companies are organised, promoted and carried out, allowing young people to be introduced and be evaluated directly and enabling students to acquire solid experience. 


Businesses that help us by hosting internships for students and creating employment opportunities for participants trained at Norte Joven