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Who Our Work Targets

Society has changed in recent decades and new social realities have emerged that call for our attention, such as those involving immigration, women’s rights, the situation of youth, and so on. But Norte Joven’s priorities have not changed, only the number of people who need our help has increased.

The Association’s project targets three main population groups:



From its beginning, Norte Joven’s initiatives have targeted youth between the ages of 16 and 25 who are economically, socially and academically disadvantaged. These young people are at a particularly vulnerable time; they have not completed the minimum schooling established by the education system and they need a new opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn a skill that will bring them closer to gaining employment.

They are young people who are full of energy, interested, eager to work and looking for alternatives to enter the labour market and integrate in society. 



In 1992 we expanded our initiatives to adults who were at a disadvantage for personal, social or economic reasons. This allowed us to subsequently respond to the demands of adult immigrants with special difficulties for social and labour insertion, which began in 2000 and later, in 2007 with the economic crisis, expanded to cover the needs of people over age 25 who lack demonstrable qualifications.

Adults find, in the training offered by Norte Joven, the opportunity to achieve full social and labour integration and improve their quality of life. 



n 2004, the identification of a group of minors and teens in the Madrid districts of Vallecas and Vicálvaro who were living in a situation of severe social disadvantage led us to create initiatives for adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age with a great need for support, training and role models, offering them an alternative place where they could receive support and instruction.

Since then, through the I+I Programme, a specialised care service financed and promoted by the Directorate General for the Family and Minors of the Region of Madrid (Dirección General de la Familia y el Menor de la Comunidad de Madrid), we help minors between the ages of 7 and 17 with social and educational needs and who are in a situation of vulnerability.